.Spare parts and consumables parts for below companies are available

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Complete assortment of consumables

 water filters are intended for domestic and industrial water system 
 GC capillary columns, GC consumables, HPLC columns, septa, caps, SPE 
 The New Standard od Excellence in the Pipette Tip Industry

Brookhaven Instruments Corp. is a high tech scientific instrumentation company that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes particle and polymer characterization instruments worldwide


Hi-end columns for HPLC ( C18, C8, H2O, Phe)


HPLC columns Inertsil


GC capillary columns,GC consumables,HPLC columns, septa, caps, SPE


Columns SunShell  JAPAN


Kromasil is a premium silica-based packing material developed for Preparative, Process and Analytical HPLC, SFC and SMB


HPLC instruments, consumables


HPLC columns, accessories and consumables. GC columns, accessories and consumables. TLC and HPTLC plates, filtration papers and membranes

HPLC columns
 Spare parts for HPLC instruments of all world leading manufacturers : Waters, TSP (Spectra-Physics), Shimadzu, Hewlett Packard, Beckman and many more. Valves, seals, lamps, filters, columns, guard columns,   

Parker Balston Gas Generators are designed to eliminate high purity gas cylinders from the laboratory


 Special columns for GPC, IEC, IEX, and RP HPLC. Polymeris standards sets. Software for   

Postnova Analytics offers professional integrated Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) and Laser Light Scattering (LS) solutions as well as Analytical Supply Parts

 Purite Ltd is a leading European manufacturer of water purification   

Well known manufacturer of injection and switching valves for liquidchromatography


Special detectors for HPLC (refractometric, conductometric, polarimetric), wide range of HPLC columns Asahipak


Deuterium Lamps  and Tungsten Lamps  and Xenon  Lamps and  HCL Lamps for any instruments


Complete line of products listed in catalogue


Great assortment of valves, connecting parts, filters etc







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